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Searching for a proven plumber covering the Welwyn Garden City area, and nearby locations such as Hatfield and Wheathampstead? You’ve found one in Cavendish Plumbing, Heating & Gas. Handling all aspects of drainage installation, repair and maintenance, we look to ensure your system stays in perfect working order, all-year round.

All work completed by a Cavendish plumber is guaranteed, and we even operate a 24/7 emergency line should you experience a plumbing emergency at an unsociable hour. Contact us today on 0795 729 5257 to discuss your requirements and receive free, no obligation advice and a distinctly competitive quote on recommended works. Alternatively, read on to learn more about the different aspects of plumbing and drainage we most typically carry out in and around Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and Wheathampstead…


Whether you’re a commercial client looking to fit out a new build with efficient, problem-free plumbing and drainage, or you’re looking to upgrade an existing system in your own home, we have you covered. We have a great deal of expertise in providing gold standard installation services, ensuring pipework, boilers, radiators and all other elements within your system will meet your needs, and minimise the likelihood of clogs, slow running water, and other such nuisances.

Installation works we complete around Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and Wheathampstead are speedy, efficient and affordable. What’s more, we ensure that when we leave, there’s no trace of the works our plumbers have completed, leaving you with a perfectly tidy home! Bring us in if you require a plumber for:

  • Pipework
  • Dishwasher or washing machine installation
  • Toilet installation
  • Sink/tap installation
  • Bathtub or shower fitting


When something goes wrong with drainage, or your system begins to show signs of trouble, it pays to have the number of a reliable, qualified plumber in your phonebook. And if you live nearby Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield or Wheathampstead: Cavendish is that plumber! We can quickly intervene to diagnose the issue, and provide timely, affordable repairs before the problem worsens.

Acting quickly is always recommended to avoid catastrophic situations like a flooded home, and the water damage that comes with it. Some of the drainage and plumbing repairs we most commonly carry out, include:

  • Leaks and damaged pipes
  • Faults with showers and baths
  • Issues with toilets and bidets
  • Sink and tap problems
  • Blocked toilets and sinks

Speed Up Your System to Power Flush

A power flush is a highly effective, time-efficient means of speeding up a slow system, and dealing with certain forms of blockage. It involves a trained Cavendish plumber using a machine to circulate highly-pressurised water throughout your system. This shifts blockages, and all the gunk and pollutants that can cling to pipes and narrow access ways.

We recommend it as a semi-regular means of maintenance for old or slow systems around Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and Wheathampstead, to prevent everything coming to a total halt!

For all aspects of drainage, choose a seasoned plumber with a fantastic reputation in Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and Wheathampstead. Choose Cavendish Plumbing, Heating & Gas. Contact our technicians today on 0795 729 5257!

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