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In this day and age, a bathroom is far more than just a place to scrub up and take care of basic necessities; it should be a comfortable, relaxing haven to spend a little time away from daily worries. It can also be a stylish, bespoke space which perfectly complements your wider property, drawing flattering comments from doting guests. This is where Cavendish Plumbing, Heating & Gas can be of service, as a bathroom fitting specialist and tiler that has established countless stunning bathrooms in all areas surrounding Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and Wheathampstead.

Bathroom Fitting

Whether you’re seeking something traditional, contemporary or a design that incorporates the best of both worlds, we’re here to help realise your ideas and make dream bathrooms a reality. However much space you have to play with, and whatever limitations or challenges you might be facing, we’ll ensure your bathroom fitting is delivered without compromise. We suggest options and guide clients in choosing the perfect layout, materials, fixtures and appliances, ensuring Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and Wheathampstead bathrooms perfectly suit their needs and aesthetic tastes.

Bathroom Repairs

What if you already have a bathroom you enjoy, but have noticed there are some much needed repairs to make in order to restore it to perfect order? Cavendish Plumbing, Heating & Gas is here to help. We can repair or replace elements such as baths, showers and sinks; and as a vastly experienced tiler, we can ensure that floors and walls look their very best, and are in the ideal position to put up with the everyday punishment bathrooms around Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and Wheathampstead are put through – from splashes and spillages, to an errant shaver or hair dryer that slips out of hand!

Design Expertise

Part of the reason we’re such a popular choice amongst bathroom fitting options in Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield and Wheathampstead, is the design expertise we make readily available to clients. Perhaps you’re unsure how to incorporate space-saving storage solutions. Alternatively, you may be torn between a free-standing tub and shower enclosure. Others find the perfect option for walls, floors, sinks, radiators or cabinetry has thus far eluded them. In all cases, our team swing into action to help ensure your new bathroom will tick every box on your wishlist, and prove a joy to use for many, many years to come…

So what are you waiting for? If you’re in need of a tiler and plumber to carry out expert bathroom fitting in or around Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield or Wheathampstead, contact Cavendish today on 0795 729 5257.

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