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If you’re looking for a Gas Safe engineer covering Hertfordshire locations such as Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and Wheathampstead, providing a full range of heating and gas services, you’re in luck. You’ve stumbled across Cavendish Plumbing, Heating & Gas, the best in the business! As Baxi, Ideal and Worcester accredited installers, we’re a great choice for the installation of new boilers, just as we are the repair and servicing of existing systems.

We also provide 24/7 coverage in case of an emergency situation occurring with your gas and heating, as these problems won’t always be so polite to wait till the light of dawn to strike! And while we’re renowned for our professionalism and expertise, we make it so our prices remain strictly competitive, ensuring Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and Wheathampstead residents needn’t pay through the nose for the assistance of an experienced Gas Safety engineer and heating specialist! Below, we run over the various services we provide, covering installation, repair and maintenance.


We carry out full installs of central heating systems, as well as standalone installations of boilers as a Baxi, Ideal and Worcester accredited Gas Safety engineer. All installations are backed up with guarantees, for clients’ peace of mind. Unsure what type of boiler will best suit your particular requirements? We can provide expert advice to Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and Wheathampstead clients on choosing between condensing, non-condensing, open vent, system, gas and combi boilers.

Full central heating installs typically involve the fitting of radiators, thermostats, pipework and similar elements, alongside the introduction of efficient, high quality boilers that will keep your property warm when the winter months roll through. To see just how happy clients have been with our installations, why not check out our testimonials?


The best way to ensure you don’t experience that worst of nightmares, an untimely boiler breakdown that leaves you without heating and hot water when you most require it, we recommend regularly investing in the servicing of central heating systems and boilers. As a Gas Safe engineer, we ensure all maintenance work meets strict regulatory standards and adheres to manufacturer recommendations. Servicing of boilers is recommended every 12 months, and we’re happy to give you a reminder when it’s due should you wish for one.

One other form of maintenance we carry out is power flushing, a deep clean that will restore total efficiency to Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and Wheathampstead central heating systems, just as it can with your plumbing. Regular power flushing can keep heating bills down and reduce radiator cold spots.


But what happens if it’s too late, and you’re already experiencing difficulty with boilers or central heating systems? Don’t fret. We can dispatch a Gas Safe engineer to carry out diagnostics, locate the source of the issue, and recommend the right form of repairs to get everything back working perfectly. With 24/7 coverage of all areas surrounding Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and Wheathampstead, you needn’t wait till normal working hours should you notice something’s up. In fact, we recommend contacting us immediately so we can get to work, before any emerging problem worsens, and ends up costing more to put right!

Some of the most common issues with heating and boilers we’re constantly attending to, include:

  • Loss of heating and hot water
  • Low pressure
  • Boiler and pipe leaks
  • Extinguished pilot lights
  • Strange noises
  • Build-up of pollutants e.g limescale
  • Thermostat issues

For all things relating to boilers and central heating, choose the Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City and Wheathampstead areas’ first choice Gas Safe engineer on 0795 729 5257.

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